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donations online

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Cultural and


Do you organize events? Need to get in touch with your community? Want to start accepting registrations and payments in minutes? Yapla is the solution your organization needs to succeed.

and NGOs

Are you looking for a way to manage data about your volunteers and partners? Want to get your community more involved and collect donations online? Yapla is right there with you, giving you the support you need to cultivate commitment.


Fighting to protect the environment requires community support. Yapla’s features are designed to save you time, increase engagement, and fund your mission. We’re your biggest supporter!


Do you dream of a way to effectively manage your student organization? Yapla makes promoting and managing your activities, memberships, communications, and accounting easy.


Showcase your noble cause with an engaging website that lets you manage and accept online donations. Run targeted fundraising campaigns and keep in touch with your donors.


There’s no time to lose. You need an all-in-one solution to promote your cause and easily accept online donations. Yapla makes it easy by automating your tasks and saving you time.


Do you set the standards for your field or profession? Use Yapla to showcase your community and communicate effectively. Manage memberships more easily with our easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.


When your mission is to fund a specific cause, you don’t want to lose time and energy on redundant tasks. Yapla helps you reach your goals by saving you time on management, helping you communicate more effectively, and making fundraising easier.

of commerce

Managing a chamber of commerce is hard work. With memberships, communications, day-to-day tasks, and accounting all requiring your attention, it’s no easy feat. Yapla makes you more productive and improves member satisfaction.Just watch as your members get more engaged than ever.


Whether you’re a soccer, hockey, or gardening club, Yapla makes creating a website, managing memberships, and accepting online payments a breeze. Yapla is designed to let you spend more of
your time on things that matter.

Looking for a way to save time and be more efficient? Yapla is the perfect solution to make managing your federation easy.

If you’re looking for a robust solution that can be adapted to how you do business so your member organizations.

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