Provide your customers with
the tools they are waiting for.

Contribute to the success of non-profits with an all-in-one solution that empowers them to satisfy their community, optimize their management process and facilitate their funding.

Site Web - Create value-added websites

Create value-added websites

With Yapla it will be easier than ever for you to offer your customers websites that integrate services without having to do with complex and expensive tailor-made web developments. You will be able to integrate Yapla with WordPress and other sites or choose to create websites easily using Yapla Website. Thus, allowing your customers to accept donations, manage members, promote and allow registration for events and training will become a simple matter of configuration.

Access more opportunities

With Yapla you will be able to position your services more advantageously and meet the growing needs of non-profits in the digitalization of their processes. Yapla is designed by and for non-profits of all sizes. The platform allows the most complex as well as the simplest integrations. Yapla is THE solution that adapts to the requirements of all non-profits. No matter their size.

Site Web - 50 000 non-profits
50,000 non-profits

The non-profit sector represents a growing market segment of several million organizations. To date, more than 50,000 non-profits have chosen Yapla to accelerate their digital transformation and more than 320 million dollars in transactions transited through the platform.

A partnership that
promotes your growth.

Whether you are an established agency, a new agency or offer consulting services to non-profits, Yapla offers you the tools you need to grow your business.

Generate more income

Our Yapla Integrator Partner Program imbeds revenue sharing. Watch your income grow month after month based on your customers' use of Yapla services.

Take advantage of a comprehensive training program.

Our program provides several ways for you to learn how to integrate Yapla into your operations. Take advantage of dedicated support and access numerous training and support resources to get you in the driver seat quickly.

Join a community dedicated to the success of non-profits.

As a member of the Program, you will have a central role in the development of the platform. Your feedback and suggestions for improving Yapla will be taken into consideration to continuously make Yapla better.

Site Web - A partnership that promotes your growth.
Site Web - Témoignage

Yapla’s Integrator Partner Program gives our agency more agility and freedom. Yapla allows us to be more competitive by offering our customers comprehensive and powerful tools that are invaluable in helping them confidently undertake their digital transformation. The learning curve is rapid. We easily integrate new members into the team. This partnership allows us to focus on our creative and strategic services like never before.

Jean-François Dommerc
President, Riposte Agency

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