Give your organizations a better way to manage, promote, and offer services to their members

Is it time for your federation to go digital? Are you looking to optimize your management processes? Want to accept membership dues, registrations, and payments online? Then Yapla is for you! We know how important it is for you to be able to meet your community’s needs. Our all-in-one management platform for associations opens the doors to a world of progress and possibilities.

Give your organizationsan easy way to offer their services online

Our all-in-one platform gives your organizations the ability to go completely digital easily and securely. With Yapla, they have all the tools they need to effortlessly manage their operations and offer services to their members. As a federation, you get a comprehensive overview of your network and can leverage your data to create synergies and identify new opportunities. Yapla is easy to use and completely customizable, so you can adapt it to how you do business

Provide unrestricted access for online payments

Accepting online payments for member dues, event registrations, product sales, and even donations couldn’t be easier for your member organizations. They can easily automate invoicing, offer member discounts, and take advantage of numerous personalization options that can be adapted to their specific situations.

Make creating a website easy

With Yapla’s all-in-one platform, your organizations can easily create branded websites—no IT expertise necessary. With just one click, Yapla lets them offer services to their members directly on their own websites. Say goodbye for good to security and website hosting issues. Your websites will be professional and always available online.


Communicate more, 
communicate better

Communicating is easier than ever for your members thanks to Yapla Newsletters, a comprehensive and easyto use solution. In minutes, your organizations can send communications and link them to specific contact lists to send the right message to the right people at the right time. They simply select content from their website, such as an event or blog post, and watch as their newsletter gets created right before their eyes. It’s like magic!

Increase participation in your activities and training sessions

Let your network register and pay online for the activities and training sessions your member organizations offer.
With Yapla, promoting, managing, and accepting registrations for activities and training sessions is fast and easy. Finally, a quality online experience that gets people participating. Event organizers will be able to save time and manage their programs more effectively.

Federations - Simplify your accounting, and make it easy for your members, too!

Simplify your accounting, and make it easy for your members, too!

Customize Yapla to integrate your member organizations’ charts of accounts and view every transaction, dues payment, donation, sale, and expenditure in real time. Generating customized financial reports is so easy, even a baby could do it. Yapla also generates invoices and tax receipts, either manually or automatically.

Federations - Provide an address book of everyone in community.

Provide an address book of everyone in community.

With all your data in one place, easily generate and provide a public or private address book of all your organizations, members, and partners. The address book updates automatically depending on your settings. It’s a great feature for promoting dialogue, collaboration, and offering your partners prime visibility.

See the big picture of your organization in real time and encourage dialogue

With Yapla, you have access to your entire network’s data, contacts, and transactions so you can produce insightful, detailed reports to understand your community better. Your member organizations will only have access to their own data thanks to a permissions management system that lets you decide which information your users can see. You can even create a membersonly area for sharing exclusive or sensitive information and add discussion forums to encourage your network’s participation.

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