Making digital technologies available to everyone

I founded Yapla in 2013 based on a simple idea: make it easy for organizations of any size to go digital.

At the time, going digital inevitably meant complicated and costly changes to their IT systems. For the smallest organizations, leveraging the digital tools that were becoming crucial for increasing their reach was a pipe dream.

When we started Yapla, our goal was to create a high-quality, all-in-one platform that would be fun to use and that would no longer depend on an investment from a single organization, but rather on the contributions of a committed community that could reap the benefits every time we improved it.

Today, Yapla is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market. We’re constantly improving the platform's features so that thousands of organizations around the world can save time, offer services to their community, and manage their finances more easily.

We would be proud to welcome you to the Yapla community!

Pascal Jarry
CEO and founder of Yapla

Today, Yapla is synonymous with...


More than a decade of commitment

Since 2013, we’ve continuously improved our platform to meet organizations’ needs


Multi-continent coverage

From Montreal to Paris, we’re helping organizations go digital


Organizational management expertise

We are a team of non-profit sector experts who understand its unique challenges.


50,000 organizations and counting

Thousands of organizations of all sizes around the world run on Yapla.

Our commitment to
the Yapla community



We stay true to our goal of giving organizations of all sizes the best digital tools available. Yapla isn’t just easy-touse—it’s also affordable. That's our promise to you.



To develop a platform like Yapla, we need to be tuned into what our community really needs. Yapla has been developed by and for organizations. We base how we develop our solution on feedback from users about their experiences.



Our technology is powered by people: the users who are committed to their communities and the Yapla experts who share their expertise so that organizations can take advantage of cutting-edge technology.

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