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The case of kinesiology associations

“Yapla has really helped the field of kinesiology grow exponentially across Canada, whether it’s in administration, registration processes, event organization or communication between different software programs.” 

France A. Martin
Canadian Kinesiology Alliance

+10 000

Member registrations to
professional kinesiology organizations
via Yapla

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education courses validated by members
of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance with Yapla


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Kinesiology Alliance multiplied
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Professional kinesiology organizations

The mission of professional kinesiology organizations is to represent, promote and spread the profession of kinesiologist.

While the profession is legislated at the provincial level, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance collaborates with other industry players such as the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation and the Alberta Kinesiology Association to build a brand that unites kinesiologists across Canada.



Challenges: managing large volumes of member registrations and creating a bilingual French-English website

The main challenge faced by NPOs such as the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance or the Alberta Kinesiology Association is the volume and diversity of the types of memberships that must be managed. While these organizations primarily bring together certified health professionals, their services are also available to students in training or to retirees who remain involved in the profession.

The associations must ensure that all members who benefit from the services have a valid membership, and follow up on members whose membership is no longer valid. Above all, they need to be able to control who joins the organization. To qualify for membership in these organizations, a number of criteria must be met. For example, to join the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance you must:

  • Purchase professional insurance
  • Obtain 60 continuing education credits
  • Respect the code of ethics

Another example is the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation, where every accredited member is required to complete 30 continuing education credits. This is a condition for renewing their membership. To obtain these 30 credits, members can attend workshops, activities, conferences or courses of their choice among the continuing education courses offered by the Federation and/or by other recognized organizations. A grid is available to members to determine the value of each activity in credits.

As a medical professional association, one of the missions is to offer professional training to their members with a view to obtaining various certifications.

For the organizations, this involves a lot of work in terms of tracking registrations, checking members’ attendance at training sessions and sending certifications to the people who have actually taken the required training.

Just as with memberships, managing large volumes of information is a significant challenge. Automating certain tasks is now necessary in order to remain viable and to improve performance in these times of staff shortages.

As a Canadian organization that wishes to convey a uniform brand image across Canada, it is important to offer the same services and content in both French and English, including:

  • Websites
  • Communications
  • Receipts
  • Certificates
  • Continuing education options

Why kinesiologists choose Yapla

Thanks to automation, Yapla allows healthcare organizations to manage a large volume of registrations for continuing education and to ensure efficient follow-up.

More concretely, Yapla automates the validation process for members’ renewals based on the continuing education courses validated during the previous year. This allows the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation to ensure that each member who renews their membership has obtained 30 continuing education credits beforehand. The advantage for health association managers who implement this automatic validation process with Yapla is that they benefit from:

  • a notification system to stay informed of members who have and have not validated their continuing education
  • a customizable configuration to add a weighting system and a maximum number of units for each activity proposed in the continuing education program

The advantage for members of these associations is that they can easily submit the activities they have completed for their continuing education through their member section. In summary, while this automated continuing education system is more efficient for association managers, it also significantly improves the experience of members who take the courses.

Check out our article on managing continuing education in Yapla for more info on this topic.

The power of online registrations and payments

With the implementation of Yapla, members of the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation can join and pay their membership dues online. They also have access to a private space to manage their listing in the member directory. Also from this private area, they can submit documents and trainings in order to receive accreditations. They also have access to numerous resources as well as events and trainings to support their professional development.


“Membership management is complex and very specific to each nonprofit organization. If poorly organized, it requires the mobilization of a significant amount of financial and human resources. With Yapla, everything is under one roof. Yapla is scalable according to our needs and saves us a lot of time. Now we can manage our 2000+ files in just a few clicks.” Valérie Lucia, Executive Director of the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance has also implemented online registrations and payments with Yapla. Managing memberships is now easy thanks to a membership validation flow: 



Technical integration between Yapla and Prolink insurance

During the membership process, after submitting the proof-of-competence document, members are automatically redirected to the Prolink insurance website so that they can purchase the mandatory insurance for membership. The bridge between the Prolink platform and Yapla keeps the administrators of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance informed of who has paid their insurance directly in Yapla. 


Geolocation directory always up to date

Once registered, members of the Quebec Kinesiologist Federation benefit from great visibility thanks to a geolocalized directory. This directory allows you to find a professional based on the city and the kinesiologist’s specialties. The general public can also access numerous resources to learn more about the profession and its benefits.



The managers of these kinesiology associations chose Yapla above all to create an efficient transactional website, while ensuring that they can manage it all on their own.


“The editing system is very user-friendly and intuitive! We can translate all our content easily, without moving the formatting from one language to another.” France A. Martin, Canadian Kinesiology Alliance.

What health NPOs have gained by choosing Yapla

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Membership recruitment and renewal are fully automated

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The registration process for activities and training is user-friendly and intuitive

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Managing the continuing education program is much easier and streamlined.

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Consolidating revenues in Yapla greatly simplifies accounting for the associations

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The communication tools available strengthen the links with the members

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Administrators can manage and update their website completely on their own

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