Yapla, the 100% free payment solution for your NPO

Yapla, the 100% free payment solution for your NPO

With Yapla, you can benefit from a 100% free payment solution to collect donations, membership fees, event ticket sales (ticketing, training, etc.), and product sales (merchandising, calendars, etc.).In addition to offering your community flexibility in payment methods, Yapla simplifies registration management and payment tracking since everything is in one place.

  • 100% free: No commissions or hidden fees.
  • For memberships, donations, tickets, product sales, and more.
  • Accept payments by credit card, cash, check, and bank transfer.


The payment tool for all your projects

Yapla allows you to collect your registrations and payments online thanks to an efficient and easy-to-use system for both you as an association and your community.

Membership fees

  • Offer your members a dematerialized membership form with no commission or hidden fees.
  • Ensure good communication with your members thanks to integrated communication tools: membership confirmations, invoices, tax receipts, membership expiry notices, etc.
  • Keep a clear view of your member base: always up-to-date member register.


Bulletin adhésion


«Thanks to Yapla, 9 out of 10 members pay and renew their membership online. This easy online payment system, where joining takes just 2 minutes, has become a major selling point for us! Since I launched memberships with Yapla, I have only had good feedback from my administrators.»

Marie-Myriam Dumais Synnott, General Director of the Maple Syrup Industry Cluster.



Event Ticket Sales

  • Offer a pleasant online booking space for your participants thanks to our secure ticketing system.
  • Promote your events and ensure good communication with integrated communication tools: invitations, confirmations, receipts, instructions, etc. 
  • Have a clear view of your ticket sales and easily manage unforeseen events: registration log, attendance management, cancellations, refunds, etc. 

Organize an association event

«The online ticket sales with Yapla are very much appreciated by the Regatta organizing team and volunteers!»

Geneviève Prévost, Executive Director of the Quebec Adapted Sailing Association

Geneviève AQVA



  • Maximize your donations and build donor loyalty with a customizable online donation form
  • Automate the sending of tax receipts: your donors receive their receipts immediately
  • Increase the visibility of your fundraising appeals and ensure good communication with integrated communication tools: thank you notes, etc.
  • Keep a clear view of your donor base and data

Online Donations

«I have been using Yapla for a little over a year and this platform is a treasure. It is easy to use from an accounting perspective, for organizing an event, or simply for communicating with our donors. In addition, the Yapla team quickly responds to our questions and always finds solutions to the challenges.»
Anik Beauchamp, Investment Advisor Gemini Foundation.

Anik Fondation Gemini


Product Sales: Goodies, Calendars, etc. 

  • Chocolates, goodies, calendars, Christmas trees... Finance your projects through product sales. 
  • Increase the visibility of your sales page and ensure good communication with integrated communication tools: announcements, confirmations, invoices, etc. 

«We decided to digitize our merchandise sales to limit the exchange of banknotes but also to avoid cash register errors. It is much easier to find your way around.»

Harriet, President of the Plateau Mont-Royal Skating Club.

Harrite Club Patinage Plateau Mont-Royal

Combining several methods allows you to diversify your NPO's sources of income


Yapla's Available Payment Methods

Yapla allows you to offer flexibility to your community with a variety of free payment methods, ensuring that each member finds the option that best suits them. In addition to the diversity of payment methods, Yapla places great emphasis on the security of each transaction, ensuring a seamless payment experience for everyone.

Payment methods available on Yapla:

  • Online payment by credit card: Take advantage of this increasingly popular payment method for its convenience, speed, and security. 
  • Payment by cheque: While online payment is increasingly requested, this traditional option is still appreciated by some.
  • Cash payment: This payment method can be useful for in-person transactions at stands, refreshment stands, or events, for example. 
  • Wire transfers: Facilitate larger transactions or institutional donations, for example, with a bank transfer option. 

A 100% free payment solution thanks to the voluntary contribution model

Voluntary Contribution

Thanks to this model, we can maintain a 100% free online payment solution for NPO’s.
When someone in your community (member, donor, event participant, etc.) makes an online payment for your association via Yapla, they can choose to contribute to the operation of our platform (this does not apply to payments by cash, check or wire transfer). They have no obligation. Even if they decide not to contribute, you will not be charged any fees! 

Why Choose Yapla as the Payment Platform for Your NPO? 

Registration and payment platform CRM for your NPO

Many free payment solutions are available to associations on the market. At Yapla, we stand out for our integrated approach and long-term vision. More than just a free payment platform, we have designed Yapla to support the growth of your NPO without limits. Yapla adapts to your needs of today and tomorrow, providing you with a free and secure payment solution, as well as a complete range of tools to effectively manage all aspects of your organization.

By choosing Yapla, you benefit from powerful CRM, management, and communication tools including website creation and newsletter sending, as well as an integrated accounting system. These features are specifically designed to simplify the management of your association. Even if you choose to activate these additional features, Yapla's payment tools can remain free and commission-free if you wish.


In summary, Yapla is an ideal free solution for any NPO wishing to simplify the collection of payments and registrations. With our platform, you can easily collect membership fees, and donations, manage your event ticketing, and sell promotional items. Yapla offers a full range of secure payment methods, with no commissions or hidden fees.
For associations that aim to further structure themselves and expand their capacities, we provide an all-in-one platform at Yapla. This includes access to advanced management, communication, and accounting features.

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Camilo Rivadeneira


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